Hyundai Click to Buy

Posted by Chelsea on January 19, 2017

Hyundai have launched something new, something innovative and something just a little bit strange! As online shopping becomes more and more popular Hyundai have branched out into...


The groundbreaking Click To Buy site, launching in January 2017, will allow customers to do everything they normally do in a showroom, without leaving their house. From getting a price for a car you want to part exchange to choosing a finance deal, to browsing through models and specs, to paying a deposit, picking a dealer (Stirling, obviously!), and completing the transaction, it’s a truly innovative way of getting your hands on a new car.

We've had a nose at the adverts on TV and it shows the new hyundai arriving in a big box! Thats a bit dissappointing considering they don't actually arrive in boxes.... we'll be doing the delivery on behalf of Hyundai but will definitely make sure each and every one is an experience to be remembered.

Click To Buy won’t replace dealerships – that’s not the intention – but as a company with innovation at it’s heart, Hyundai believes online will play an increasingly important role in how people will want to shop for cars in the future. That’s not surprising when you consider that Millenials – people reaching young adulthood around the year 2000 – are the next generation of car buyers and spend an average of two hours a day online.


So let us know what you think? Will you be using click to buy, or will you still pop by the showroom to sort out your new car?