Hyundai Affinity

affinity-screenshot.pngIf you are a public sector employee, local authority or work for selected private companies you may be eligible to take advantages of Hyundai's Affinity Scheme where you can save up to £3,500 off some models. The only proviso is that the vehicle you buy is new. You are still able to use different forms of finance and include part exchanges as per a normal sale.

Affinity partners in the Herefordshire area include:-


In addition, national companies with local stores include:


If you are already aware of your unique Affinity code then visit to select your vehicle and print out pricing which you can then take to ourselves along with appropriate ID/payslip and proof of address.

If you have any queries regarding the Hyundai Affinity Scheme then please contact Adrian, Andy or Simon on 01432 374700 for more information.